Alcohol and Children

These two words don’t go together. Most of us know that if alcohol was new on the market, it would be illegal along with other addictive drugs. But it is socially accepted today. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are more often than not linked to certain events and have for a long time been a part many cultures.

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Catching The Laziness Bug

My boys went to their fathers on July 31. I had this big plan about how and what i would do with this free time, i was going to clean the apartment, sort out the storage room, wash all the laundry and go out and meet people. But…..

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Secrets of single parenting

Over the years single parenting has turned out to be more common that a nuclear family. As for how the world is now, it is possible for us to witness single fathers, mothers, and even grandparents who raise their grandchildren.

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