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My name is Þóra Katrín, it‘s probably better to write it Thora Katrin for other people. I’m born in November 1991 that makes me almost 26 years old. You probably figured out that i‘m not originally from America, United Kingdom or any other English-speaking country. I‘m Icelandic, yes that little Island with population of 334,252 people or at least in 2016.

My mother languish is Icelandic, so why on earth am I writing in English ?. Well maybe I like a challenge, writing in English more people can read what i share also in Iceland we start learning English in 4th grade and most video games, apps and YouTube channels are in English so good percent of Icelanders can also read it. I try my best to have correct grammar, but if you notice anything I can fix, I would appreciate if you would let me know. Then I can fix and improve my English writing skills.

What i do - Student, dog sitter, volunteer and a 
single mother of two young boys.

What i am – Kind, non judgmental ( well i do my best ), optimist, 
dreamer, learner , helper, listener, curios, empathetic, easy-going, 
friendly and honest. I can be impatient, lazy, shy, moody, stubborn, 
impulsive and i often curse. 
Well that would make me what ?  human probably.

After elementary school i started working with young kids also soon after I got pregnant with my first son at the age 17. It wasn’t until the age of 21 i started comprehensive community college, better late than never. I‘m finishing my matriculation exams this December but i graduated first from basic design May this year.

I started dog sitting at home last year to earn some extra money with school, but we own a four year old German Shepherd. I’m also in network marketing and I volunteer for the red cross occasionally. I’m not quite sure what the future holds, I have many interest  and I’m trying to figure out whats next but I know I will seek further education after graduation.

Sharing what I know and what I’ve learn over time, from both bad and good life experience. I’m hoping it can be helpful to others, I also just blog for my personal pleasure. I’m certainly no expert but I have a lot of experience when it comes to life and not that long ago I would never consider writing a blog that everybody could read. I’m constantly trying to improve myself, stepping out of my comfort zone and always trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

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