I always find it hard to write about myself and this is not my first try at doing so. All about pages i read are so beautiful and i start to doubt my self but then i remember, I am way to hard on my self sometimes, i’m slowly but surely working on that problem.

In my 26 years on Earth i have faced many things, not all good. I’m a recovering alcoholic and very familiar with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. I’ve had to work hard to feel the way i do at this moment, so what i want to offer others are ways on improving. It’s not the only thing i write about of course, but the reason i started.
Possibillities (2)I have a beautiful life, i’m a single mother of two beautiful boys ( 8 & 3 ) and we own a German shepherd named Holly. In 9 months now i have been dog – sitting for other at home to earn a little more with school, graduation in December Yay.

My future goal are too raise two independent, good and loving boys. My interest also are reading, writing, painting, coffee, parenting and coffee, absolutely love coffee.

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