Why Advertising And Marketing Have Gained Such A Monstrous Role In Businesses?

No one is going to pay attention to something that is not attractive. That is so right in our case because we humans believe that all that glitters is gold. Everything that is presented in a beautiful wrapping is more useful than the other thing that comes as it is. Same is the case with businesses where the one who has more approach to its customers wins and the other loses. The approach is developed via interacting with the customers or the audience in visual or graphic ways. Every one of us is familiar with the terms of marketing and advertising. These things have grown monstrous in the last few years. If combined with the internet, these two things can allow you to make millions.

Advertising and marketing: Need and role

Advertising and marketing team of every company works with an aim in their heads and that aim is to make sure that the company’s ideas and products reach the users on a wider scale. For this purpose, they design advertisements that attract the viewers. The billboard advertisements are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, the advertisements are displayed on the TV screens or even on the LED screens that are inserted on the greenbelts of the roads. These screens attract a lot of people. People can see these ads while walking by. Since they do not consume much time and viewers have easy access to much, the marketing heads put a lot of thought into making this ad as much attractive as possible. These ads are a source of collecting more consumer ratio and reach your target audience.

The major role that these two things play in a business is the expansion of the business across the birders. Social media is an easy way to do the marketing. You can make web pages for your business which are easily available to your clients. They can review your services and this will also help to increase the sale. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pin interest etc. are globally used and more viewers will view your services and may even opt to buy them. Marketing and advertising are a game changer for the businesses

Advantages of marketing and advertising:

  • They attract and appeal a lot more audience and potential consumers.
  • Social media marketing is easily accessible to a major population of the world.
  • These things keep the companies to make better products to attract more customers.
  • There is hardly any need of investment. You can hire an advertiser or marketing manager who can do this for you for a long period of time.
  • There are no chances of getting your stuff plagiarized since every company tries to create something unique to attract the consumers.
  • Marketing and advertising do not require a lot of time to be looked upon so consumers prefer to have a look at them.
  • Educates the consumers about product or products. How to use and also new use for existing product.
  • Employment opportunities. Advertising can provide and make more opportunities for employment. People like photographers, graphic designers, musicians, painters and so on.
  • Plan a great marketing strategy to expand your business and reach new heights.


But as you might have noticed, machines are taking over a lot of things.  For example you can scan your groceries by your self and pay a machine for it without making any human contact in a store, Drones are flying your food to your door, Self-serve kiosk are replacing bank and airline employers and even cars are driving themselves.
The core of marketing is human behavior so communication with consumers on a personal level is important.

So even though social media is great for advertising and has a lot of options, i find it important to talk to potential costumers face to face and show them that you care about their opinion as well. So run your adverts online but always follow up on your buyers. Ask them how they like the product and show them that they matter to you and their satisfaction. Let not remove human touch from our marketing equation.

Like the name of the book – People Buy You – .


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