Rudeness begets rudeness

How to handle rudeness with patience and empathy

Have you ever pondered over the fact that how a person got really rude with you without any good reason? You will think and think, but won’t get a solid answer to that. That’s because there is no one reason or situation which instigates or compels a person to become rude. Rudeness or impolite behavior and/or attitude may be shown by all of us at any or many times of our lifetime against any or many persons. It’s nothing but a manifestation of what the rude person is going through or had gone through. And there is a simple way to handle rudeness than going violent.

Fighting the instincts

When someone speaks to you rudely, whoever it  is a colleague, a neighbor, a friend or a stranger, you get an instant urge to retaliate and fight. There are many people who have gotten submissive while fighting rudeness everyday at workplace or at home. Neither you have to be submissive, nor you have to fight back rudely. Control your instinct to get rude in replying, and rather count to 1 to 10 in your mind quickly, to give yourself some time to think. And then ask yourself, is it worth losing it? Because in many cases you wont gain anything with responding to rudeness, and often you will end up feeling bad about how you reacted.

If you lose your temper and reply back with foul words or double the rudeness, then what will be the difference between you and the rude fellow? This will simple spread more bitterness, and give in a way to a bad quarrel, nasty relationship, and possibly a violent outcome. To demarcate from the rude attitude, and show some responsible behavior, you can smile and say “no thanks, I will manage” kind of reply, and turn your back politely. You will not be deemed weak or insensitive by this gesture. Rather the rude person will feel bad that he or she was not good with you and will refrain from such attitude towards you next time after few such encounters.

Why was he or she so rude?

You will never know what the other person’s journey is. Everyone my go through some bitter experience in daily life, and some chronic or an instant mental or physical problems, which may make the person go crazy, frustrated, impatient, and really disgusted. The reflection comes upon their words and actions. And thus people dealing with them encounters rude behavior.

Hence when you are getting a rude reply or attitude from the person opposite you, don’t get judgmental, and rather make yourself believe that possible he went through some bad experience to manifest that in behavior. Always remember that rudeness begets rudeness, and the more you avoid rude encounters, the better for your heart and soul, and you relationships. I’m not saying you should just take what people are saying and let them talk to you badly, but you can say no I’m not listening to this anymore, and I won’t let your rudeness ruin my day or any other day.

– Rudeness begets rudeness –

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