8 Practical ways to maintain a healthy stress level

It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it” – A famous quote.

These 7 stress management techniques will enable you cope with the daily activities that build stress levels.

  1. Identify stressful situations in your life:

For Example; identify what caused your stress yesterday, how you felt, and what you did to make yourself feel better. Accept responsibility for the role you played in creating stress and avoid blaming it on other people or events.

Sure, this isn’t as straightforward as it sound – in fact, identifying the source of your stress overload and accepting responsibility can be complicated – but until you identify stressful situations, your stress level will remain outside your control.


  1. Replace unhealthy coping strategies with healthy ones:

Are your coping strategies unhealthy? – It’s time to replace smoking, drug abuse, isolation, overeating, alcohol consumption, sleeping too much, procrastinating, and taking out your stress on others with healthier coping strategies that will make you feel calm and in control.

It’s time to find healthier coping strategies – experiment with different healthy strategies to figure out what works best for you.


  1. Slow down! Avoid unnecessary stress:

Listen, you’re not a machine – know your limits (in your personal and professional life) and stick to them. Avoid activities and people who stress you out. Keep in mind – if you can’t avoid a stressful activity; analyze your schedules and daily tasks, change the way you operate in your daily life to enable you alter such activity.


  1. Learn to Adapt to important but stressful activities:

Look at the big picture – is this activity really worth it? If the answer is yes, focus your time and energy on this activity.

Some stressful events are unavoidable – you can’t prevent financial problems or the death of a loved one; the good news: you can easily learn acceptance (accepting the things you can’t change) and you can also learn how to adapt.


  1. Make time for Relaxation:

Take care of your needs, do something you enjoy every day to help rejuvenate – set aside leisure time in your daily schedule.

You can go for a walk, play with a pet, get a massage, take a long and steamy bath, listen to music, or workout. Relaxation techniques (yoga, deep breathing, and meditation) can also help you relax.


  1. Spend time with others – share your feelings:

Spend time and connect regularly with people you trust. You may decide to build a network of close friends but spending quality time with just one person who understands you is still one of the best ways to relax – that feeling …. Aaaaah! There’s nothing more calming than that!


  1. Learn how to manage your time better:

Fact – poor time management can cause stress overload. Don’t underestimate how long an activity will take – prioritize tasks instead and tackle them in an order of importance (you can start with the more stressful tasks).


  1. Get enough sleep:

This is definitely the best way to de-stress yourself because sleep regenerates energy level. Get adequate sleep; it will make you more energized and ready to tackle daily stress.


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