Cute meaningful clothes.

I recently stumbled upon this online store Peace, love, world. I’m no fashion expert and don’t look to much into that subject but well designed and meaningful clothes always get my attention, especially if it’s children clothes. I’m a sucker for those, i love dressing my sons up more than myself.

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It’s not only the beautiful design that caught my eye it’s also the message that they are sending, to inspire others to not only feel loved but to love others.

If you look at the kids section you can find tops or bottoms. It’s for boys and girls, even though you can only see girls on the photos. We also live in 2017, in my opinion there is nothing as girls or boys clothes, kids should just decide what they want.
We want to send out positive message both to our children and other and what better way to do that than wearing it.

Image result for peace love world kids clothing
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They also have women,teenagers clothing and accessories. They have good selection of apparel of comfortable tops, hoodies, sweats, tees and active wear, you have plenty options to choose from. You can find something there for every occasion.


Alina Villasante is the founder & designer of her lifestyle brand and an advocate of loving and inspiring others to be the best self. The brand was born in 2009 through the love if fashion from an energetic soul. Alina found her purpose in the world if fashion after 17 years in the Aviation business. Alina traveled globally and recognized that everyone was starving for the same thing, peace love and happiness.

The movement quickly spread into the major retailers along with 2000 boutiques worldwide. It has been supported by iconic celebrity followings and brand collaborations. To name a few: Pharrell, Coca Cola, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians. The infectious attraction led her to the QVC platform.
The opportunity filled a white space that their customer was looking for and a chance to touch millions with the brand message. -From Peace, love, world

Peace, love, world is located in the US but they offer shipping. Your shipping costs are calculated at the end of your online ordering. So if you live outside the US you don’t have to worry.

Be positive, smile and share the love ❤ 

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