Alcohol and Children

Well it’s Friday and for some that means no work for few days and time to open up a beer or have a glass and wine and relax. Nothing wrong with that but i want to talk little about drinking and children. These two words don’t go together. Most of us know that if alcohol was new on the market, it would be illegal along with other addictive drugs. But it is socially accepted today. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are more often than not linked to certain events and have for a long time been a part many cultures. If parents intend to consume alcohol in front of their children, it is important to talk to them about alcohol and how to use it wisely. Parents are the most important role models for their children. Some parents, however, encounter problems with setting clear rules within the family, especially if they don’t deal with alcohol themselves responsibly.

Often, drinking alcohol gets out of hand and an argument arises that children don’t need to witness. These memories do not go so easily and can bring anxiety to both adults and their children. Not only that, drinking affects parents’ ability to deal with things that may arise and are often unable to take care of the child like they should.

There is basically no reason to drink in front of children and it is not necessary. But I’m not saying that people can’t drink in moderation and that drinking is wrong and people should never drink. But parents should be careful when they drink and show good example especially around young children.

What can you do ?

Teenagers who get a mixture of encouragement, warmth and appropriate discipline are more likely to respect the goals of their parents.

  • Give clear message. If teenagers who know their parents views about alcohol are more likely to behave in line with their expectation.
  • Have clear rules. Teenagers feel better when they know what is expected of them.
  • Stay in touch with other parents to monitor where your children are and what they are doing.
  • Take part in you children’s life, education and hobbies, that’s the key to keeping then safe.
  • Be socially responsible. participate in discussion and action on teenage drinking.
  • Never buy or sell alcohol to a child.
  • Alcohol is harmful and affects the development of nervous system. It is therefore important that parents discuss this with their child/teenager, give a clear message and let them know what they are expecting.

Personally, I think people should never drink in front of children. But if they do so, drink in moderation and if possible have another person who is sober around if something should happen. Do not have alcohol accessible to children and keep it in a locked place,
And do not allow children to take a sip if it contains alcohol and do not leave drinks around the home unattended after a night of drinking.



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