Need ideas to earn extra cash ?

We often need some extra cash, whether you need to buy something or just need to save up, we probably have all been in that situation. It’s something i know personally, being a single mom in school doesn’t really pay much, but i always find ways to make it work. So i want to share with you some ideas, none of them are get rich quick solutions but they work.

  • Babysitting or pet sitting

    If you are available and are good with children, you can advertise yourself as a babysitter, often it’s just a few hours a week. This is a fun experience and a rewarding job.

    If you have your own place or have permission to have animals you can pet sit for others, people often go to places where they can’t take their animals with them and they need someone to take care of them. But you have to be ready to take care of their needs and deal with things that might come up. I have been doing this for 9 months now and i’m really loving it. I only take 4 dogs at a time and it gives me good extra income, but it is work and can be difficult at times so be sure you can do this.

    If you can’t pet sit at home you can always get paid to walk dogs. It’s probably fun and it makes you go out and walk.

  • If you don’t use it, sell it 

    Many people own way to much stuff that they don’t use. Other people could have some use for it so why not free up some space, sell it and get some cash. Can also be toys your kids are to old for and other children could enjoy.

  • Shop smart

    We often buy way to much of food or items we don’t need or wont be used. If we try to be careful and think twice about whether we really need this, we could be saving quiet a lot each month.

  • Become a Tour guide in your city

    If you are a people person and have some extra time on your hands you can show tourist around your city. You could end up earning friends also. It’s always fun to meet new people and learn about their culture and also showing them yours.
    You can sign up on  and make a profile and you choose what you want to charge for the hour. I have a profile there but haven’t used it yet, but i was on for some time and did this for free. I now have friends in other countries that i can stay with if i travel there, so i highly recommend this if you can.

  • Have any talents or things other might need ? Try

    It’s a freelancing industry. You can buy or sell services for 5$ and up. Fiverr started 2009 and has grown much since.  Once you have made an account on fiver you can create a Gig. Gig is basically a statement to tell others what service you are offering.
    Gigs can be technical jobs like animation, programming, graphics design or things like recording your self doing something, taking photos of something and just anything you cant think of really.  If you think you have anything to offer then fiverr could be the place for you.

  • Rent your car or apartment.

    If you don’t need your car everyday you can rent it to others for some extra money.
    Sites like, and provide car owners a way to rent their cars for money, it’s also an affordable rental options for other people. Be sure to check your own policy and state laws to make sure you are covered, even though these companies offer insurance coverage. Better save than sorry 😉

    Have a spare room or are going on a holiday. Then you might want to consider renting it out to tourist. You can earn some good money doing that and again meet new people.  Check out

  • Tutor online 

    There are opportunities online to tutor others in different subjects.
    Check those site out Cheggtutors, Studypool,

  • Recycle for cash

    Check out local recycling centers to see what items you can recycle for cash. It’s something everyone should do and it doesn’t hurt getting paid to save the environment.

I would really like to hear if you tried any of those things or you have other ideas on how to earn extra cash. Comment/like if you enjoyed this post. You can also contact me directly. Feel free to follow this blog  want to be notified when new post come in. 

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