10 Tips To Stay Healthy

Ten Tips To Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is an art, it’s also a decision. Health depends on several factors, and some of them are out of man’s control and involuntary, while some are completely voluntary and in control of man. Therefor if you are planning to stay healthy, then instead of thinking the factors which are involuntary, you may start to think and act on the voluntary factors.

Changing a few things about your lifestyle, the way you manage stress, anger, eating and drinking, sleeping and body care, all have a direct impact on your health. The basics may help you push through miles in health management. Here are the ten steps that will help you stay good and healthy.

Steps To Stay Healthy 

  • There should be a proper balance between sleeping and working hours. If you fail to give your body the much-needed 6 to 8 hours of sleep, then you invite in trouble. Lack of sleep opens the door for a lot of mental and physical health issues.


  • Go for green vegetables, and food which are organic and natural. Banish all foods which are packaged and processed. At least try to avoid the high sodium and preservative content packaged foods for saving your kidneys and lowering the toxin intake.


  • Aerated beverages, and too much of tea and coffee full of high sugar content, toxins, caffeine etc, can disrupt your system like anything, and make you obese, diabetic, and unfit over time. Avoid them, and go for plain water. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, then try infused water or sparkling water, which are healthy options too.


  • Walk a little everyday. You need not pick weights or enroll in a gym for health. Simple walking, cycling, jogging or swimming, all are great for cardiac health, and overall body. Try to dedicate 30 mins to any. 
  • Avoid smoking and drinking to save your lungs and liver. 
  • Addiction of any kind, and any sort of substance abuse would shorten your life. Hence, quit any such habit. 
  • Stress management works wonders in making your life healthy. The sooner you can distract the stressed mind to something relaxing, rejuvenating, funny or creative, the better you will be helping the mind and body to regain its calm. 
  • Drink plenty of water. The more you stay hydrated the better for the body organs, muscles, skin, and metabolism. 
  • Try to eat a fruit everyday. Fruits fortified with vitamins and minerals, and all natural nutrients can help you stay fresh and healthy for long. 
  • Smile a lot, and smile everyday. The more you smile, you keep off bad mood, mental health problems, stress and anger, and freckles.


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