Training Your Downline.

Training your downline in network marketing

Network marketing is an art, and also requires a lot of planning. Blow away stories of lucky men, who would tell you how they got a huge down-line to work under them, and they never did anything other than making people join under them, and eventually stopped working. That’s too good to be true in most cases, and such stories are created and spread only to lure more people into the business. But instead of luring people, and showing them the money without hard work, if you tell them how exactly networking works and how they must make their down-lines believe in their upline, then things will become much more acceptable, and practical in the longer run.

The real story of network marketing

Marketing which is done by creating a network of people under you is the backbone of these businesses. If you are selling a product alone, then you may only reach a limited target. But if you are selling it with a team, who all are in your down-line directly or indirectly, then you can practically reach thousands and millions of people eventually. As a result, you would earn a percentage of the amount which your down-lines earn as their selling commission. This makes profitability in this business huge, and lets you earn higher and higher over time.

Avoid the most common mistake

The most common mistake in network marketing, which many people do, is, they tell their down-line that, all they need to do is add more people to their down-lines respectively, and sell things, and this will make them richer. But that’s not true. There is no value of a down-line who is non-productive and inert. Only a down-line who works hard to create a better network under him, and constantly keeps in touch with the old and new people joining can do well. And this holds true for all the people who are in some tier of a network in a network marketing chain.

How to train your down-line

To train your down-line the right things to do, you must submerge the urge to get idle in the business over time as you develop hard working, active and efficient down-lines. Always remember the thumb rule that you being the up line are the example for your entire network, and you cannot quit working, connecting, and inspiring. The more you work hard, and connect to customers and your network, the more you keep on inspiring them for doing hard work. You must be a living example before your down-lines that you never stopped and forgot working after you saw money and success. Stay in touch regularly, meet them for a coffee and discuss any questions they have or just listen to what they are doing. Celibate their success and motivate them when things are slow. Teach them what you know but don’t do everything for them, and remember their success is your success. Once you learn to practice and enforce this, you will always smile in this business and earn valuable friends on the way.


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