Traveling with kids

Tips to follow when traveling with kids

Traveling with kids can be great fun if you know how to handle things, and plan it from the very beginning. There are many parents and families, who think that traveling with kids is more pain than fun, and avoid it at all costs. But then again there are super planners, who know how to plan it right, take the right things with them, and make the family vacation the perfect time to connect with the kids, help them learn new things, and let the family be together to experience more fun. Hence, it’s totally on the planning and things you carry which makes the vacation a pain or pleasure for you when kids are with you.

Thailand 2011

Tips to follow in a tour

Here are some of the things you must carefully plan and accompany with you:

  • If you kid has motion sickness don’t forget to take the necessary anti-nausea and anti vomiting medicines, and feed them prior to the journey.


  • If the kid is very active and restless most of the time, whereas you know the journey will be long, then prepare the kid mentally for it, by talking a lot about the journey. This will set the right expectations although the kid will surely turn fussy after sometime. To help it, you can carry things that interest the kid. Playing dough, color pencils or crayons and drawing books, video games, story books and comics, puzzles and riddles etc can be carried to absorb the kid’s attention in them.


  • Always carry the first aid kid and important medicines for the kid.


  • Keep on introducing the kid to all the new sceneries, elements and things of interest that you come across in the tour. This will double the fun for the kid due to the excitement of learning new things, and will satisfy you that you could make the tour more meaningful by showing the kid the things.


  • Never leave the kids alone during the trip to ensure total safety. If you have to, make sure you inform a police sergeant or supervisor on board, or in the hotel etc for taking care. It’s a good idea to have a bracelet or necklace with his/her name and contact information on, in case your child wanders away.  Remember, it’s really easy distracting the kids during a tour when they get fussy. There are so many things of interest which they don’t get a home, and you may use them to show them new things of focus.


  • Ipad, tablet, travel DVD, pocket radio, coloring books and books.. If you have it take it with you. Flying with kids can be difficult and if the flight is long those things might save you.


  • Always remember the sunscreen at all times.


  • Take a lot of photos and let them also take photos. Memories that last forever ❤


  • Most importantly try to stay patient and calm, if you are impatient and stressed your child will probably sense how you feel and it can affect his/her behavior also.
    Happy parents = happy kids.

I remember when i first traveled with my oldest to Thailand, first time we went to a long flight and i wished that someone had told me some of those tips. The flight it self was a disaster and my son didn’t sleep for 23 hours or until we landed in Bangkok. But the month in Thailand was great thanks to my sons grandmother, she is Thai and owns a house the so she knows the place well.

Thailand 2011

If you can follow these simple instructions, and give your kids the foods and drinks they can digest easily, then traveling with kids can be very enjoyable.


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