Catching The Laziness Bug

It has been quite a long summer with my boys, but i had them almost all of July. It was both fun and a challenging time. My boys are like black and white, trying to find things to do that they both like and trying to show them both the same attention can be challenging. The youngest is only three so my oldest gets less attention from me even though i try my best. We also had 4 – 5 dogs all of July, it’s was a busy month i guess.

But my boys went to their fathers on July 31. I had this big plan about how and what i would do with this free time, i was going to clean the apartment, sort out the storage room, wash all the laundry and go out and meet people.

It’s absolutely amazing how great i am at planning what needs to be done, but as soon as they went out, the laziness sunk over me. They have been gone for five days now and i can’t say my apartment is any cleaner, well i vacuum and since i haven’t cooked anything i don’t need to wash the dishes. Haven’t really set foot in the storage room and my car is worse than he was.

On the bright side i’ve been doing laundry, but i’m building a mountain out of clean clothes that need to be folded. I think i’m waiting for my mom to come over and notice the mountain, and hopefully she will start working on it. Well that is me daydreaming.

Mount cleanclothes. Meters unknown, but growing bigger every day.

My days go something like this.
I wake up to let the dogs out, i go back in and either go back to bed or watch tv and
browse the internet except for 2 -3 hours spent walking the dogs, because i can’t really not walk them. I’m thankful for those dogs, if i weren’t dog sitting i probably would be glued to the couch . But i haven’t been home all the time i still go out and visit people in the evenings.

The gym is also waiting for me, we had planned a date and the poor thing waits and waits. The worst part is that my gym clothes are somewhere inside the mountain of clean clothes and i either have to fold all of it or try to dig after them, or just skip it.

Yes i can’t say i’m this perfect housewife that has everything under control and a spotless home, i’m not this lazy when my boys are home but it happens. Even though it’s good to do nothing sometimes and it’s certainly allowed, i’m going to at least try to do something while they are gone, i still have time. I have until the 18th then they will come back, it is one of the longest time i have been without my kids since i became a mom 7 years ago. It’s good but weird at the same time.

As much as i love summer break, i still miss having routine and obligations that “force” me to wake up earlier in the morning. The kindergarten starts again 10th and my oldest starts third grade 22 of August, Yes i said third grade !! Can’t believe how old he is getting and i’m still just a child my self. I also start my last semester before graduation around the same time.

I’m going to end this here by writing that i will at least finish cleaning my apartment before they come back. I’m hoping that writing it here and telling others will make me more likely to do it.

The laziness bug is not dangerous and i’ll probably get better when my boys are back so don’t worry for me, i will make it.


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