Network Marketing Tips


Any business model based on the use of a network of distributors for growth is referred to as Network Marketing. This marketing concept exists in so many types including multi-level marketing, two-tier and single-tier programs. They all involve different affiliate systems with reward or commissions for active distributors related to network size and activity. These systems are often misunderstood to be hobbies or get-rich-quick schemes far from the reality which offers opportunities to earn money while controlling and running your full-time or part-time business.

With success in Network marketing highly dependent on network size, management and activity, it is important to highlight and breakdown the following tips which when applied could guarantee sustained success.

  • WISE SELECTION; the phase of choosing an ideal network marketing opportunity is the very first and most important in the whole process. There are six essential features to analyze before considering any network marketing opportunity. These features are;
  1. Company stability, which can be related to its age and current marketing status.
  2. Product analyses. This feature involves the investigation of the products or services, checking for lifespan, appeal, and demand.
  3. Payment plan. With every company having a slightly different plan for rewarding their distributors, it is key to check for clarity, fairness and generosity in payment plans before choosing which company to partner with. Getting clear details on how much exactly per sale is paid to the distributor and the medium through which payments are made, provide enough information to help sort which opportunity is best.
  4. Company integrity. The integrity of a company offering network marketing opportunities together with the experience of their management in the industry should shape considerations towards working with them. In other words, company reputation is a key factor in selection criteria.
  5. Company direction; this entails finding out the current status of the company to determine the direction of momentum so as to estimate potential growth and expansion.
  6. Reliability of support, training and business systems. After making sure the company is great and stable, market highly demanded products and services, possess a generous and fair payment, plan and all the features above, it is even more vital to verify there is a reliable system in place that works efficiently for the company and its distributors. Mentorship is facilitated by companies making use of training systems which are transferable.


  • PRACTICE COMPANY TEACHINGS; Willingness to learning from and listen to the mentors and existing members in any system facilitates success. Learning from veterans in the Network marketing industry is easy because they are motivated by the reward they get when you succeed. This makes them so willing to teach you everything about the system and what they did to succeed, which is often duplicate. Following the system and teachings is what actually brings success.


  • ‘’UPLINE’’ RELATIONSHIP; ‘’Upline’’ in Network marketing or ‘’sponsor’’ generally refers to the person above you in the affiliate network system. The extent of support provided by your ‘’upline’’ through calls, planning, and commitment to your success is vital. Just their availability to respond to you with certain clarification is very important.


  • MANAGE DOWNLINE NETWORK; Although Network marketing systems usually reward distributors directly for bringing new affiliates into the program, it’s important not to neglect the ones already brought in as they highly require training and teaching in order to succeed too. Building strong networks begin with adequate training for your affiliates and you should be prepared to give at least 30 days of exclusive assistance to anyone you bring into the system because their success always translates to more money for you too. This feature highlights the importance of building long-term beneficial relations for growth together in Network marketing.


  • USE THE INTERNET; The emergence and expansion of the internet in the last few decades has revolutionized how many businesses are managed including Network marketing. Making use of the internet as a strong marketing tool massively increase the chances of success and success levels. The process of ‘’follow-up’’, which is key for success in the Network marketing industry has been made greatly facilitated by the internet. For example, the establishment of automation like auto-responders has made consistent follow-up a lot easier. Also, the internet provides a very broad forum to easily congregate all your affiliates making management and network building easy.

Spamming is a major setback in the usefulness of the internet. So, it is necessary not to spam when making use of the internet as a tool for marketing. This is because spamming can lead to a bad reputation for you and the company you work with.

  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT; The relationship between distributors and Network marketing companies are major business relations which require adequate management to guarantee maximum proceeds for both parties of the relation. This implies, doing proper research and planning even before engaging with any company prepare you for the upcoming challenges such as networks and proceeds management.

Achieving efficient management always depends on how active and productive your support team around you is. The counsel and services of a network marketing lawyer and an accountant with expertise in managing home-based businesses (especially network marketing businesses) always come in handy assuming they are cost-effective.

  • PRECAUTIONS AND JOB SECURITY ISSUES; Though network marketing opportunities often look so lucrative, with potential to exponentially expand, it is important to apply some caution in approach. Before thinking about quitting full-time jobs to concentrate with Network marketing business engagements, you need to ensure that, the relationship has lasted a while and you are quite aware of the company’s stability measures. Also, you will have to be absolutely certain of the regularity and the exact income figures from the company, to help make life changing decisions such as day job quit.


Network marketing when properly understood and applied provide so many entrepreneurs with the experience of managing their own businesses which they cannot largely afford yet without the help of an ideal parent Network marketing company.


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