Raising an independent child

Importance of raising an independent child

Every time your children hit a milestone, you’re extremely proud and you start worrying more. It happened when they started crawling, and then when they started walking.

Even though there are more chances now for them to get hurt than before, the truth is that they are more independent. And raising an independent kid is a good thing. Unlike what we keep seeing today, it seems that parents are becoming more and more attached to their children. This doesn’t mean they don’t love them. However, parents also need to let them go. They need to do things, to test out things, to discover. This is an entirely new world for them to explore. So, it’s your job to allow them to do it, by supervising and be there in case they need help.

Here are some of the reasons why and how to raise more interdependent child. 

#1 Their personality starts to shine

One of the best things that you’ll notice when your kid starts to get more independent is to see their personality starts to form. After all, the child is already able to think by itself and do some of the things it likes.

#2 They have more experiences:


One of the most gratifying things you have as a parent is when your children are experiencing something for the first time. You remember when they learned to kiss or the first few steps they took. The first smile or the first time they said your name. When you raise an independent kid, it will want to explore more, to see new things, to experiment different feelings and activities. This is the only way to discover what it likes and dislikes.

#3 They will learn about responsibility and how to manage it

When you are teaching your kid to be more independent, you’ll also need to teach about responsibility. After all, one doesn’t exist without the other.

#4 You’re still around when necessary

When you and your kids both know that in case they need anything; you will be there, they will be more prone to accept the independence and try out new experiences. No matter if they are at school, on the playground, or whatever. You are just phone call or few steps away.

#5 You gain freedom

When your kids were newborns, you would probably even be scared to leave their bedroom. After all, they could start crying, rolling, bumping their head, anything could go wrong. However, you need to look at them as they are now. They are not adults. Far from that. However, they are perfectly capable of playing in a room alone without supervision 24/7. When they need you, if they need you, they will call you. In some cases scream for you because something went terribly wrong !!  Sorry just kidding 😉

#6 Mistakes are not always bad

We learn from mistakes everyone does. Same goes for our kids, if we are always supervising and doing every little thing for them, they will probably depend too much on our help to do and solve things. Let them make mistakes, take little risks and learn by doing, not by letting everyone else do it for them.

#7 Don’t give them everything they ask for

Don’t spoil too much. I love giving my sons gifts but i have noticed that the more i give the more they want. They show less gratitude if they are constantly getting everything they want, my sons are not the only one and many of us know that kid that gets everything and always wants more, that one spoiled kid that is never happy. We don’t want that for our kids ( at least not me ). If they want something and it’s not their birthday or Christmas make them to save up for it, at least some part of the cost. They can earn money by doing little things around the house that are not their basic chores or if old enough ask to walk the neighbors dog, babysit or what ever you can think of. They will learn how to manage money, which is also beneficial for their future.

We have to remember that they will grow up and they will eventually move out, start educating them self’s, start working and hopefully start a family of their own. When that happens it’s better that they know how to take care and think for them self’s and make important decisions alone. Most of them will still ask for your opinion about things and that is all good, but we should not be making the decision for them, but we can tell them our opinion on things and after that it’s up to them what they do.

Make sure your child is ready to tackle life when the time comes ❤ 

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