Why we should read to our kids

6 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids

You probably already know that reading to your kids is a good habit and that there are a lot of benefits. Here are the 6 main ones, especially for children between 2 and 5 years old:

#1: Build a stronger relationship

You shouldn’t look at reading to your kids as just another task that you need to complete before they go to bed. As soon as your toddler starts running around the house and enjoying himself alone, reading is the perfect time for you to spend time alone with him and continue to nurture him, just like you did when he was a baby. This is your moment.

#2: Speech skills

Between the 2 and the 5 years old, your kids will be enhancing their language and enunciation skills. When you are reading to them, they will start noticing the different sounds that form the language.

#3: Communication skills

Children learn by association and by imitation. When you are reading a story to your kids and they see how the characters interact with each other, this will teach them that they should do the same.

#4: Logical thinking

When you are reading a book, your children will be able to learn in an easier way some abstract concepts as well as to recognize cause and effect, apply logic to certain scenarios, and use good sense.

#5: Deal with new experiences

When it is time to teach your kids to use a fork, to eat alone or to hit the bathroom instead of using a diaper, one of the best methods that you have is reading a book about this. By listening to the story, the kid will tend to better understand what he needs to do and why there is no reason to be nervous after all.

#6: Routine

Ever since your child was a baby, you knew that he needed to have a routine. This was the only way he had to understand what was going on around him and what would be next. Routines are great for children (as well as for adults). So, even though reading a book to your kid should not be a task or an obligation, it should be a part of his routine. So, at this time, he knows that he needs to be very still to make sure that he listens to the story. This will help him with discipline as well as he will develop his concentration skills.

Even though there are many more benefits, we just can’t forget about the most important one: it’s fun. It’s not only fun because of the story that you are reading; it’s fun because you are spending a precious time with your kid. You are seeing him developing new skills and embracing new challenges.

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