Kids and Summer !

Summer Vacation – What To Do With Young Kids Around The House

Parenting is never easy and is something that will follow you through your entire life. I’m not complaining at all. I love my kids and I adore the fact that I can be with them for more time. However, it seems that, sometimes, they just have so much energy accumulated that it’s almost impossible not to go crazy.

And then, you just hear those magic words “I’m bored”. So, what can you do? The truth is that either your kids are or not old enough to go to a summer camp, you may think that they already spend so much time in school and apart from you, then it is better to let them stay at home with you. But you need to put them to do something. They need to have something they can have fun with and distract them.

So, here are some ideas that you can easily implement:

#1: Cooking:

Well, you’re not expecting that they will help you prepare a complete meal. But you can be sure they will love the idea of baking some cookies for ice cream sandwiches. Usually, these cookies are easy to do and don’t take very long. Plus, they will then be able to enjoy what they did with their own hands.

#2: Beach:

Going to the beach doesn’t need to involve lying in the sun for the entire day, You can simply create a different game and you go all collect some shells. You can say the winner was the one who caught more shells that had a different color, for example. Then, when you arrive home, you can make a sort of a collage to display what your kids collected. This will be a great memory for them. Yes we have some beaches in Iceland and sometimes the weather is good enough to use them.

At the beach Nauthólsvík in Reykjavík.

#3: Farm:

One of the things that most kids tend to like is animals. So, if you live near a farm that has several animals and you know the owner, why not stopping by one morning or one afternoon, and let your children help taking care of the animals? This would be a great opportunity for an outdoor activity where they would be able to learn and have fun at the same time.

#4: Campfire Or Luau:

It’s summer time and outdoor activities are just perfect. So, one of the things that are very easy to organize is a campfire or a luau. You can have your kids doing all the decorations while you take care of the dinner outside. You can have a campfire or just use the grill instead. Roast some hot dogs on sticks, and pop popcorn. In the end, offer them some s’mores.

#5 Camping outside or inside 

Depends on the weather but my kids love camping, lots of outdoor and sight seeing but if time and weather don’t allow you can also camp inside and play with toys, read books and in the evening watch a movie with snacks and of course we sleep in the tent all together. My kids love it and it makes a great memorie.

As you can see, there are still plenty of things that you can put your kids doing and other activities that you can do together. There’s no reason to be crazy about. Well, only a bit…

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