Success Express June 2017

December 2016 I joined Forever Living as a distributor i had to think about it for almost three months before because i never thought i could be a sales person and i wasn’t.
But with time and practice I became better at it and it has helped me a lot with my self-esteem and I’m more confident today than I was. I love the products and now i love the company also I’m seeing more and more how great opportunity this is. There was motivation going on before July and if i could make it to supervisor in two months i would get free access to Success Express in Birmingham and a free hotel for 4 nights, How awesome !! and who would have guessed the shy me would get it ?
It wasn’t easy but I like challenges and I’m competitive.

"Success Express is an inspiring event held in England and Scotland which 
aims to help build-up Forever Business Owners.
At SUCCESS EXPRESS Forever Business Owners can take advantage of 
exciting offers, including discounts on products and literature, 
but also the chance to purchase stationery items, books and Forever apparel
from our nominated suppliers. You can also meet Head Office staff from 
Internet Services, Marketing Communications, and Business Owner Support 
by visiting the relevant stands.

Success Express events in 2017 that fall on a Saturday will continue 
to be filled with a combination of informative trainings, fun recognitions,
exciting campaign and product launches, exhibitors, a Product Order Point
and so much more. However, in order to provide you, our FBOs, with even
more relevant and high quality training, Success Express events in 2017 
that fall on Sundays will adopt a slightly different format. Sundays will
revolve around ‘Training for Success’ and the core focus of the day will
 be carefully chosen each time to maximise business success." 
- From

Day 1 –
So on June the 15 we headed early for the airport from Reykjavík to fly to Birmingham.
We were 10 people all in all but only six of us getting supervisor recognition. When we landed we dropped off our bags and went straight to long bridge manor the headquarters of Forever living in UK. There we meet  Debbie Nwangwa and Adam May who shared with us more about what they were doing to be successful. We also got a tour of the manor. After that we all just went to the hotel to relax and do some unpacking.
Day 2 – Friday 
It was a day off so we just all went together and eat at Wagamama.  Well i got lost in Birmingham and locked my self in at a fire exit or something 😛 but that is another story.

First day at success express Saturday 17 June.

19095672_316200165487244_4319237173981640016_oWell it was something i never have experienced before, it was great and was music playing when i entered and the atmosphere was awesome. I went on stage to get my supervisor recognition with other new supervisor. Was really proud of my self.  Then we listened to people who have gone far with the company and it was really inspirational.  After being in the Genting arena from 10 – 17:00 we all went to get some thing to eat and i changed clothes. We were 10 as i said from Iceland and we got invited to a VIP party with the top people in the business. I’m really grateful for that and had a really good time. They had games and bumper cared and enough food and drinks, also non alcoholic drinks which is a blessing because i don’t drink.  and i won a coconut !!

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The next day we listen to more speakers and learn much from it. We all went to eat again at Wagamama that evening. On Monday we headed back home to Iceland and really exited to go home and use the new knowledge in our forever business. Can’t wait for the next event.  If you have any questions about how to become a distributor you can always email me at I’ll be happy to sponsor you or point you to another person who can if I’m not available.


Comment and tell me what you think. Are you also a young mother or do you know a person who got pregnant at young age, i would love to hear about it. You can also
contact me directly. Feel free to follow this blog  want to be notified when new post come in.


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