Secrets of single parenting

Over the years single parenting has turned out to be more common that a nuclear family. As for how the world is now, it is possible for us to witness single fathers, mothers, and even grandparents who raise their grandchildren. The world is facing such trauma that almost everything feels like it has no soul mate that would be bounded with us forever.
Several single parents around the world tend to face a lot of problems and obstacles as they try to raise their children all by themselves. The pressure of having to work, cook and raise kids, educate them have led several parents into the state of depression. These are certain stress faced by single parents.


• Custody problems
• Visitation problems
• Continuous problems between the two parents
• Parents can no longer spend much time with their children
• Childs school and other social life turns to be effected due to parental issues
• No more possibilities to have an extended family or relations
• Problems with parents beginning to have new relationships

These are certain problems that single parents face on their journey to raising their children alone. However, most single parents are too moved with their lives that they forget about how to make their children’s lives better. Some parents even end up throwing their kids into the orphanage since they feel like the kid is being a burden to them. Several problems have been faced by kids as well as parents now a days. The worst case scenario is that even other relatives of the family are not willing to help these kids or their parents to reach a better future with fewer obstacles, all of which leads the single parents themselves to figure out all the answers and solve all these obstacles to lead their children to a better life.

There are several successful single parents out there who have their own ways and secrets of dealing with all the obstacles that come towards them. Here are few secrets that we have gathered from those successful parents to help you out.
Know your role models
Make a list of those single parents or children who were raised by a single parent who would be the greatest motivation to your lives. Even President Obama was raised by his single mom and grandparents; so as you can see, even those who lead a successful life now, tend to have the past and a background of being raised by a single parent. Gathering these information’s could be the best motivations that you need to raise your children with perfection and be one of them among the successful single parent.
Schedule your work, so it suits your family

There come those times when you have to attend your children’s meetings, or any other special functions, occasions and more, as these type of days are getting closer you tend to get more pressurized on how to manage your time and fit into all these programs for the day. Which is why it is important that you seek a job which would be flexible according to your daily lives. So in case, you need a day off, or a half day, you can request for it and make way for attending these important sessions. Also, make sure you have a schedule which you continuously keep updating so you know of all the upcoming activities in the future and this would buy you more time to get prepared.

Some time for yourself

You can be a single parent, but it is important that you schedule some time for yourself too. So make sure you manage to get some time every week, or at least an hour a day to read a book, go for a walk, or visit your friends, or even go on a date so that it would not affect your children in any way. If you have a scheduled plan on everything, then you can work according to it, which would bring a better life for both you and your children. Most parents miss out on this part which is why their kids are affected by these new relationships and more.

Do not worry about what you can’t control

It could be your children, or the custody, or anyone else who seems to be causing a lot of problems which seems to be way out of hand. However during times like this just forget about it if you know that you can’t control it. There’s no point in wasting your efforts and mind on those problems that are not worth trying. Focus on how to make both yours and your children’s life better; this is the best way you can achieve a better life too. Forget about those that are not meant for you, and move on leading a successful life.

My two beautiful boys.



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