Dog life

Dog sitters life 

Holly and Astró ( Holly i my dog)

As i have mention somewhere else i’m a dog sitter. I’ve always loved dogs but i didn’t start dog sitting for real until September 2016.

2 of the dogs i have had.

I own a dog my self and not new to having other dogs while friends or family go on vacation so being short on money i thought why the hell not. It started out great so 10 months later i’m still doing it and i don’t think i’ll quit any time soon.

Þruma and Holly

It can be hard of course some dogs are easier than others and i need to be constantly cleaning if i don’t want to be drowning in dog hair and it can be a little bit tricky to walk with four dogs at a time. But on a good month i get around 1000 USD it’s not bad when you need a little extra.


We love when it’s snowing and raining outside also, but not so much when i need to clean my home afterwards.

This is a day the snow got really deep, I couldn’t move my car for 3 days. (24. February 2017)

My little sister and son with Moli.
And today 02.06.2017

That’s all i wanted to share for today 🙂 i will post more pictures as the year goes by. I know there are more dog lovers out there who love pictures.

Comment and tell me what you think. Are you also a young mother or do you know a person who got pregnant at young age, i would love to hear about it. You can also
contact me directly. Feel free to follow this blog  want to be notified when new post come in.


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