Pregnant at 17

I would call me a young mother, even though i get older each year i always will be considered as a young parent. Being 17 when i got pregnant of my oldest boy i was clueless about what my future would look like, i imagined that it would be more easy and more fun. When the reality was it was really hard but rewarding. I was and am lucky that i have a lot of family support, i don’t know how i would survived without it.
I don’t regret getting pregnant at 17 but i think i would never recommend it.

My pregnancy was an easy one, i really enjoyed it. Feeling the first kick,hearing the heartbeat, wondering about how he looked and how our future would be.
I was in a relationship with the father at that time and we were both really exited.
Our family’s were supportive as well, mine more than his though but i didn’t really care much about that. We had little money, i worked but my ex was out of job so the income was not much. Owning lot of money has never been a real issue for me so i was sure that we could make it work with what we had , and it did work.

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36 weeks 2009.

But there was some negativity along the way and some people actually felt sorry for me being so young. I was told i would miss out on life. Sure having a child means you can’t go out every time you like to and you will need to put them first, but i was not missing out of anything and what does missing out mean ?. If you want to be a parent you are doing the opposite of “missing out” you are doing what you want in life.

My son was born 6th of November 2009 only two days after i got 18 years old.
My due date was 15th of November but on the 5th my water broke and slowly afterwards everything started. It started slow and i was in labor for 24 hours until he came. Giving birth not the easiest thing i have done in my life, it was painful i wont lie.

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Words can’t describe how it felt to meet him for the first time.
After coming home the real work began. He cried a lot, had ear infections, stomach problems and seemed to catch every flu out there. So my image of the wonderful easy life quickly disappeared. Not to frighten any soon to become parents it was also really good and wonderful. But parenting is hard work but a work worth doing. My son will turn 8 this year and he is my best friend.

My life didn’t turn out like i had imagined when i got pregnant, far from it. Today i have two boys with different fathers and I’m single. Still i love the life i live with all its ups and downs.
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Never let any one tell you what is right for you. If you are young and trying to figure out what to do next then do what you think is right and remember what you decide is the right choice.


Comment and tell me what you think. Are you also a young mother or do you know a person who got pregnant at young age, i would love to hear about it. You can also
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