Day dreamers

I’m one of those day dreamers but it sometimes gets in the way of doing what i should be focusing on to make my dreams come true. Maybe more people know this problem.
Day dreaming is of course not bad but it can get you distracted from the real world.
Sometimes i start to wonder what if i would win the lottery for example.

I begin to thinking about what kind of house i would buy, i go online and look at houses for sale with enough space so i can still dog sit and have enough room for them and my kids. I would also like to rent part of the house to someone who doesn’t afford to rent an okay apartment. It’s not over then i find my self looking at furniture to put in the house and of course thinking about what works best for a home that has children and dogs.

We also need things for the dogs i will be looking after, so to the online pet shop to fill the chart with things i will be needing. Let’s not forget the garden, it will need to be big and have a good fence and a hot tub for those cold winters in Iceland.  This is an example of what happens when my mind starts and I’m embarrassed to say that sometimes i stay up all night doing it. It won’t t benefit me in any way later. This is only one example of what i daydream about.

I can’t say it’s all bad though. It can motivate people to work towards their goals.For example, like i daydream often about what kind of house i want to live in and in fact i feel like it’s motivating me to actually put money aside to maybe have a chance to buy one day.

It’s even suggested that the brain areas that allows people to solve complex problems become more active during daydreaming(Research published in 2009 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).
Even thou day dreaming is often considered as a negative thing, study shows that the brain is even more active during day dreaming than when we are focusing on a task. So I’m going to look at this like a positive thing for me, but maybe try to not get stuck on it and staying awake all night.

Do you daydream a lot ?



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