Running 10 – 21k

Wow 10 kilometers already ? go you !! 

Be proud of your self, i’m proud of you.
Lets not stop there, next it is reaching 21 kilometer and i know you can do it.
If you are not ready for 21 km the visit 5 km plan & then 10 km plan.

The biggest difference between a basic 10 k training  to a half marathon plan is frequency of training. While a 10 K plan might have you running 3 times a week, a half marathon plan will bring that up to 4-6 times/week. With less time between training sessions, rest and recovery become much more of a focus than they were at shorter distances.

Now this is a 14 week program so that you won’t push your self to far and hopefully prevent injuries. 21 k comes on Saturday but feel free to changes the days you run as you like. I don’t specify walking workouts like in my 5 km plan, but feel free to walk during your running workouts any time you need a break or feel tired. I encourage you to include 4 – 5 strides in your run two times a week.
I also want to recommend that you always consult a physician before starting any exercise programs, i don’t want to be responsible for anyone injuring him self it would break my heart.

First 7 weeks –
run 21

Last 7 weeks –
run 21 part 2.png

But don’t just run it’s really important you do strength workouts in between and stretch well after each exercise.

Rest – You will need two days a week to rest, to give your body time to rest and recover for your next workouts.

Strides – short bursts of speed from jogging to sprinting to jogging again, all in the course of 20 to 30 seconds. When doing your weekly strides, walk or rest for 40 to 90 seconds between each one. Stay relaxed during a stride. Strides will help loosen up your legs, get you ready for faster workouts, and reinforce good form.

Nutrition –  Going 21 k is not like the 10 k run. You will need to take something that will hydrate you when you are running, especially if its warm. It’s also good to take in some calories during the 21 k run. It can be bars, food, gels or sports drinks. I know in some races there are water stations were you can get water or some calories but better to be safe and take with you. Train with the food and drinks you will take with you to the run to see if it digest well to prevent unpleasant surprises during your run.

Strength workouts – Click here.

– Be proud of your self –



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