Run 5 – 10k

Congratulations on your 5 km run.

Now is time to start the next training. Running 10 kilometers, sounds hard i know but when you get the hang of it you will hopefully love it as much as i do. But if you can’t run 5 km already, don’t consider doing 10 km straight away, go to my 5 km plan .

This plan is 8 weeks. I don’t specify walking workouts like in my 5 km plan, but feel free to walk during your running workouts any time you need a break or feel tired. And i also recommend you do 4 – 5 strides with the Thursday run.
But i also want to recommend that you always consult a physician before starting any exercise programs i don’t want to be responsible for anyone injuring him self.

run 10

Rest – You will need two days a week to rest, to give your body time to rest and recover for your next workouts.

Strides – short bursts of speed from jogging to sprinting to jogging again, all in the course of 20 to 30 seconds. When doing your weekly strides, walk or rest for 40 to 90 seconds between each one. Stay relaxed during a stride. Strides will help loosen up your legs, get you ready for faster workouts, and reinforce good form.

Strength workouts – Click here

Run, Forrest Run.


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