Setting goals.

We probably all know the importance f of having a goal, something to aim for in the future.The easy part is to setting the goal but the hard part is to really achieve it (well depending on the goal, some are easier than others ). It’s not enough to say, “I want” but it’s a start, achieving takes work and in most cases time.

Why ?

Finding your why, why do you want this and how will you feel when you accomplish it.
Make sure you have your why, if you have a clear idea why you want this you will also feel more motivated. Without it you probably have less interest on working towards you goal.

Make you goal high priority, so you wont end up with to many goals that leaves you with less time to work on what’s important. When you get up in the mornings or before you go to bed write down what you have done and what you can do to get closer to achieving you goal. Find the sense of urgency, constantly remind yourself of you why and do your best to stay focused.

For example

  1. Read a book on the subject you are aiming for.
  2. Read inspirational book or article.
  3. Take an online class or attend courses that help.
  4. Watch a documentary.
  5. Tell others about your goal.
  6. Make a plan and a checklist.


Time bound.

You most likely heard of this before. But not everybody follows this rule. If goal is to be powerful, you should follow this simple rule.

Specific –
Clear, well-defined and understandable to anyone that has some knowledge about your goal. Make it easy so you can get where you want by knowing exactly what you want to achieve.

Measurable –
Give you goal an expiration date and make sure you can measure your success.

Attainable Goals –
Is it possible to achieve the goal ? if it‘s almost impossible to achieving the goal, you risk losing confidence in your self. But this doesn‘t mean you should make your goal to easy.
Accomplishing something that took no actual work makes it easier to get stuck on just setting small goals future. Aim for realistic but challenging goals. The types that require hard work and determination will bring more personal satisfaction.

Relevant –
Goals should be relevant to what direction you want in life and what career to take. It will improve your focus that is needed to get ahead and do what needs to be done.
Time-Bound –
Set a deadline, which mean knowing when you can celebrate your achievement. You feel more urgency when you are working on a deadline.

– Accountability –

Don‘t keep it to yourself, share your goals with as many people you can. Many of them will ask you about the process of the goal, and therefore holding you accountable. If only you know of the goal, it can be less powerful.

– See it everyday –

 Get a notebook, write your goals down, it‘s good to write one sentence over and over again to help it stick in our minds. We are simple like that. Think about when you achieve it and how it will make you feel. Get that image in your head at least one time each day, it will improve your focus on what you are doing. Draw or print out a picture, if you want a car, house or anything else the put the photo where you can see it everyday like in your bedroom, on the fridge or in the car.

– Just do it –

Yes just really do it 😉




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