Getting organized.

This is a part that seems to be really hard for me and i often fail but i never give up i just learn from it. Being a single mother of two boys, in school, dog sitter, selling forever living products and also keeping this blog, it’s really hard for me to be unorganized and i have tried, it’s really stressful and only has a negative impact.
So one key to being successful is getting organized.
Organizing takes time, but when you get the hang of it, life becomes much easier. To be organized, you need to organize your space and organize your time, making sure you keep track of all your appointments and commitments.

Organize your home

Get rid of things you don’t use and take up unnecessary space. Do regular cleanings of your bedroom, your home office, your desk, your kitchen, and your closet.
Designate one day a week for good cleaning or do little each day.
For example –
Mondays – Bedroom , Thursday – Living room , Wednesday – Kitchen and so on.
We all feel better when our home is clean. And if you have kids like i do then i know it’s hard to keep every thing really clean everyday so “semi-clean” home is also a happy home.

Organize your time 

Put important dates in a calendar right away, i say right away because if you don’t it’s a big possibility you will forget. Get a calendar if you don’t have one and put it where you can see it everyday. You can also put it on your computer or phone, and remember to update it regularly.  Make it a habit to check it everyday.

Plan your week and plan your day

Sit down every Sunday and plan the next 7 days. Put in appointments, meetings and things you need to do. If you have a lot of commitments this is a good way to help you stay on track. Check your plan before you go to sleep and the morning when you wake up. Before bed at night write down what needs to be done the following day.

To do list 

Big mistake is not writing what needs to be done down on paper. Have the to do list with you when you go and have it where you can easily see it when you are home. When you complete a task, cross it of and you will feel more motivated and productive finishing items on your list. Put numbers in front of each task 1 being most important and always start with your most important task.

Reward your self

Rewards are necessary to keep you motivated. It can be simple like seeing a movie, eating good food or just lay in bed doing nothing.

Don’t do too much

Be realistic and don’t do too much each day. Trying to do too much will probably fail making you stressed and tired.

I try to follow those tips but sometimes i fail doing so. It’s completely normal, I’m not a robot. Doing the best we can each day is enough. It far better than not trying at all.

Tell me what you think and if you have anything to add or questions, then feel free to comment or contact me directly. You can also subscribe if you want to be notified when new post come in.

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